Friends with Benefit

Benefit have always been known for their quirky and sexy make-up and they have finally expanded into skincare! With packaging this cute, there’s no excuse anymore not to take care of your face.

Last week I got my hands on the treasure chest of treats below, which includes Triple Performing Face Emulsion, Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and It’s Potent! Eye Cream.

Obviously the product is important, but I am a total sucker for packaging and am always on the lookout for great gifts, so let’s just get that out of the way first. Despite being a San Fransisco-based company, the bottles have a vintage English quality to them and the moisturiser and eye cream containers are made of real glass, giving them a gorgeous old-school feel – they’d look great on an old-fashioned dressing table!

Now, here comes the science bit.

The Triple Performing Face Emulsion with factor 15 SPF (the bottle on the left)  smells lovely, is light and absorbs quickly, so is perfect to use under make-up.

The Foamingly Clean Facial Wash, in the middle, has a clay-like texture (which I really like) and it softens up with water. Again, it smells lovely and my face felt so fresh and so clean (clean)* after.

The little jar on the right is the It’s Potent! Eye Cream which claims to fade dark circles and smooth lines. I must confess I’ve not been using it consistently so it might be user-error but I am generally quite sceptical of any cream that claims to fade circles and reduce wrinkles because nothing, bar surgical procedures, really does.

All in all, good work Benefit!

Now, I actually have a little confession to make. I have been tempted to get Benetint, their most famous product, for ages, but because of my vampiric palour I always thought it would be way too bright on me. However, with the success of the skincare I thought it was finally time to try it out. And while I was at it, I decided to check out High Beam, their highlighter, too.

Benetint can be used on lips…

On cheeks…

And on nipples…

Yeah, you’re not getting a picture of that.

Seriously, though. According to legend Benetint was originally created for an exotic dancer in 1977 because she needed something to make her nipples more pink. Now that’s what I would call some triple nipple action right there.

Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, Benetint gives a really subtle flush to the lips, which is perfect for day-wear. You can build up the colour for a stronger look. In the picture on the right I added Vaseline Rosy Lips to give a gloss and to moisturise, since Benetint can dry out the lips a bit.

I’d been warned about using too much Benetint on the cheeks and I was quite nervous when I first put it on but you have a  minute or two before it dries so if you dab it on your outer cheekbone you can sweep it upwards with your finger and blend it in. I then added High Beam on top and under the eyebrow to give a nice glow. I am a massive believer in highlighter and, as highlighters go, High Beam is a brilliant product (and this comes from a die-hard Touche Eclat addict).

Finally, I have to give a shout out to the Benefit perfume In the Garden of Good and Eva:

I got this as a sample and it is the first time a sample has ever persuaded me to buy an actual bottle because it’s a really unique, feminine scent.

So that sums up my love affair with Benefit. Hope it was helpful – maybe even…beneficial?

*Wu Tang Clan reference people!

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