My Little Phony?

PopCandy claim to have the first images of the SDCC-exclusive My Little Pony 2011, below, which will retail at $14.99.

I hope they’re right, because although I love this little pony’s goth make-up and flowing pink mane, there was a rumour flying around a few months ago that a different pony was this year’s SDCC pony:

Image courtesy of BittieBaby over at

Apparently the yellow pony was found at a Singapore department store. That may not sound conclusive but it echoes the early appearance of 2010’s SDCC-exclusive pony at a Singapore Department store long before Comic Con itself. In addition, Pop Candy seem to be the only one’s with a (fuzzy) picture of what they claim is the 2011 SDCC pony, which always makes me a bit suspicious.

As I say, I much prefer the pink pony so hopefully she’s not a phony pony and Pop Candy aren’t just horse-ing around!

By the way, for all My Little Pony fans (including Bronys) check out this hilarious post about Bill Clinton’s uncanny knowledge of My Little Pony lore.

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