Le Geek C’est Chic – Stay on Trend at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is known for its movie previews, awesome swag, exclusive toys and sometimes even for comic-related news. However mention the word ‘clothes’ in the same breath as ‘SDCC’ and people immediately think you’re talking cosplay (i.e. super serial costumes).

But in the same way that cosplay is a form of self-expression, so is the t-shirt you don, whether it’s couture or off your floor. And given that stores are currently flooded with fully licensed apparel from Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Disney et al there is no excuse not to look fashionably nerdy. Below, I’ve put together four outfits, one for each day of Comic Con, and some exciting extras.

Day 1: Wandering the Floor

Top: Pink with Thor and Unicorno Graphic by Marvel x Tokidoki

Leggings: Silver from Primark

Knickers: Batgirl from Primark

This outfit is perfect for traversing the 615,701 square foot exhibit hall at San Diego Convention Centre. The t-shirt will be a good talking point with Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki, if you see him at the Tokidoki stand (last year he turned up a few times over the course of the con to sign apparel) whilst the Thor graphic will ensure your street-cred stays intact over at the Marvel booth. The silver leggings are a nod to the sci-fi element at Comic Con (NB Spock ears are just unnecessary) but with knickers this cute you’ll have trouble keeping them on!

Exhibit hall tip: The hall is huge and packed so definitely keep clothes comfortable!

Day 2: Holed up in Hall H

Top: Wonder Woman racer-back from Primark

Shorts: Denim from Topshop

Knickers: Wonder Woman from Topshop

Comic Con old-timers will know that there comes a day where the sun is shining, the tweeters are tweeting and the hardcore are spending 24 hours in or around Hall H.

Hall H is the largest room at Comic Con and is where all the mega-panels take place. Having said that, it fits  6,500 people maximum so depending on the popularity of the panels taking place that day (and the hardness of your core), you may want to start queuing anytime from 8 that morning to, oh, say, 8 the previous evening. Once you’re in, you can’t leave unless you want to re-join the queue (don’t worry, there are refreshments and restrooms available inside) so if there are a number of Hall H panels you want to attend, even if they don’t immediately follow each other, it makes sense to spend the day there. So again, keep the outfit comfortable but, given that you won’t see the light of day, bring layers to keep warm!

Hoodie: Wonder Woman logo hoodie from Primark

As you can see, there’s a Wonder Woman theme running here!

Hall H tip: If you’re there for the long-haul, bring a backpack with water, snacks, wet-wipes and a camera!

Day 3: Sunday is Kids Day

Top: Pastel pink with Scooby Doo print from Primark

Skirt: Superhero purple from Peacocks

Knickers: ‘I Heart Nerds’ Snoopy print from Primark

Sunday at Comic Con is traditionally kids’ day so a brightly coloured skirt and cute graphic tee is the perfect way to flaunt your inner child. This year Warner Bros are bringing Scooby Doo to the con so this print will fit right in.

Kids day tip: The kids panels get some great freebies so if you get a ticket make sure you redeem it in the Room of Fulfilment!

Day 4: Post-Con Party

Top: Vampire Mickey tee from DisneyWorld

Skirt: Pink tutu (custom)

Knickers: She-Ra from Primark

During SDCC there are always con-related events going on away from the convention centre, from premiers to parties. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to the Sy-Fy and E! sponsored shin-dig at the Hotel Solamar, one of the hottest parties around, this Halloween Disney t-shirt will showcase both your inner geek and outer vamp whilst the tutu keeps things flirty. The finishing touch is, of course, a killer pair of heels…

Shoes: Shark Corsetback heels from Iron Fist

…and you don’t get much more ‘killer’ than a Great White Shark on your feet.

Iron Fist were actually at Comic Con last year and have since developed a niche for gothy/geeky yet seriously sexy shoes. These feature a shark-print, magic 8 balls and a corset detail on the heels.

In terms of underwear, I’ve already shown you the must-have knickers, above, but that’s only half the story. Check out the prints on the ass!

Now if comics have taught me anything, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility. So act responsibly: if the Twi-hards are getting on everyone’s nerves again this year, don one of these and give them a New Moon.

Day 5: Con Comedown

After all the intensity of the con, you’ll need some time to relax and there’s no better place to do it than the gorgeous pool at the Marriott San Diego next door to the convention centre.

To stave off the post-Con blues and look cool by the pool, check out this Wonder-ful two piece:

Hopefully that should give you plenty of ideas for when you’re packing for SDCC (exactly two weeks to go now!) or, if you’re a first-timer, some guidance as to how to hide your newbie status (it’s OK, I was one last year).

If you have any more specific style-related or SDCC questions, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter!


If money is no object, how about a couture Batman dress from Selfridges?


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6 thoughts on “Le Geek C’est Chic – Stay on Trend at San Diego Comic Con

  1. Awesome post! I might rock Day 3’s look just around Dalston this weekend… ;p

  2. PS Why is there no ‘like’ button? Get one. 🙂

  3. Great post – love those killer heels (although I’m not sure how I’ll go on heels all day) and the two piece swim suit!

    • Mmm I know what you mean about the heels! I think after about 30 minutes of queuing for Hall H I’ll be in crippling pain. Totally worth it though, right?!

      And definitely rock the look in Dalston. The hipsters won’t know what hit them!

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