A Gift Guide for the (Fan)Boy in Your Life

Sometimes it’s important to appreciate the supermen in our lives: the ones that scare off the spiders, wipe away the tears and tell us we’re their wonder women, whether that’s a father, a boyfriend or bff. But if your own Clark Kent is as much a superfan as he is a superman, it can often be difficult to know what to buy him at Christmas or, say, Qi’lop. So to help out I’ve compiled a gift guide, below.


It may sound counter-intuitive giving a male (particularly one who is into comic books) kitchen utensils, but you can’t go wrong with a mug: they can be used for drinks, soups and even meals (when there are no more clean plates). Go for one with a graphic or, even better, pick up a heat-changing mug. It’ll be worth it when you see the look on his face as he pours his tea.

Silver Surfer mug

Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug

Depending on the age of your geek, drinking glasses or shot glasses make acceptable alternatives.

Captain America shotglass


A tee is always a safe bet, if you know what size to get it in. Here you can again go for a simple graphic (e.g. a Batman logo or Wolverine character design) or branch out. If you’re trying to impress, you can’t get better than an obscure yet ingenious logo, such as the one below.

GI Joe T-Shirt from 80stees.com

Israeli brand Castro’s Batman T-Shirt


By his very nature a geek is someone who nurtures his inner child, so Lego is always a safe bet, especially as there are a massive range of sets to choose from ranging from Star Wars (a surefire hit) to the latest Alien Abduction range.

Alien Conquest Lego

Star Wars Lego: Death Star

To score serious brownie points, get hold of some mint-condition Batman Lego. This set was released in 2006 and retails on Amazon for around $600 (£400). The Batman minifigure alone is worth serious money.

The Penguin and Mr Freeze’s Invasion

Vinyl Toy

An oft-neglected option but one that is guaranteed to go down well is the vinyl toy. There are endless possibilities as to character, height and brand, however if you don’t know your Domo from your Dunny here are a few pointers to narrow it down:

Height: A gift-sized vinyl should be around 9 inches.

Brand: Kidrobot, Dark Horse and Disney all produce great quality vinyl figurines.

Character: If you’re not sure which character or design to go for, choose a limited edition or exclusive.

Limited Edition London Taxi Vinylmation

Limited edition SDCC 2011 Domo

For a really special gift, check out this Kidrobot/Swatch collaboration below. The two brands teamed up with eight different artists to produce these collectible combination packs, each of which come with a dunny and Gent Original Swatch. They will be released on 1 September 2011 (£44.50/$70 each).

Other Ideas

Although it may sometimes seem hard to believe, men aren’t one dimensional. So if your guy has a little more to him than just pure nerd, perhaps one of the items below might be better suited.

The Cuddly Geek

Is your man cuddly in more ways than one? Does he still retain his childhood soft toy? Would he appreciate an adorable pink bear with an unfortunate habit of mauling his owner? If so, Gloomy is the plush for him.

The Gangstar Geek

This geek is more into Dungeons and Dragons than guns and hos but he has at least two Eminem albums and he owns a wifebeater. So indulge his inner rapper and get him a baseball hat (which no doubt he’ll wear backwards). At least with the Tokidoki x Marvel design he’ll keep it looking fresh.

The Raver Geek

To Raver Geek ‘speed’ refers to a pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves as opposed to amphetamines but there’s a little bit of cyber goth inside him that’s trying to get out, so indulge him with these awesome Duck Vader colour-changing bath ducks: they float, they light-up – it’s a party in the bath.

The Ultimate Gift

But of course, the ultimate gift for any fanboy would be a ticket to San Diego Comic Con 2012. Or Megan Fox in a Princess Leia bikini. And judging by the lightning speed at which last year’s SDCC tickets sold out, delivering up Megan Fox is looking like the easier option right about now.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for nerd-tastic gifts!

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