San Diego Comic Con 2011: Around the Con

One of the best parts of the con is just walking around the exhibition floor, checking out the booths and, of course, getting me some free swag!

There was a lot of Godzilla themed stuff around this year – I loved this model of the Japanese beasty charging the convention centre

In fact, there were a lot of reptilliant creatures around generally, from Yoshi, who was peaking out of the top of a booth…

…to Super Dinosaur… Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Godzilla…

Although this was pretty awesome!

Over at Mattel they had lots of very cool Monster High stuff up

Including this coffin-shaped voting device where you could vote for which doll you wanted them to make next! (I voted for Daughter of Arachne).

One of the booths I made a beeline for was, of course, Tokidoki.

I was lucky enough to catch Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki, doing a signing whilst I was at the booth.

Simone was kind enough to sign an SDCC-exclusive blank Unicorno and also my Tokidoki backpack!

Over at DC they had some of the costumes from 2008’s Batman movie

Meanwhile, out and about on the floor was pretty dangerous, what with flying sharks…

…the Green Goblin…

…and Deadmaus!?

The Star Trek booth had all kinds of cute little critters

But the Pokemon booth really took the kawaii with this line up

I love the serious one on the end! 😦

Also spotted where the bold….

the beautiful…(over at Zenoscope)

The good…

The bad…

And the very ugly!!

And finally, it wouldn’t be Comic Con without some superheroes

and R2D2 (this time with added drinks service!)

Stay tuned…more photos to come!

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