San Diego Comic Con 2011: Cosplay Replay

One of my favourite parts about SDCC is the costumes – I love making them, wearing them and taking pictures of other con-goers in theirs!

The range of characters varies as much as the fanaticism with which cosplayers make their costumes: there is everything from sci-fi to anime to totally random! And whilst some people settle with a with a slick of make-up others will plan up to a year in advance (I’ve already started thinking about my SDCC 2012 costume!).

I did meet one guy who was surprised to hear that people easily spend a couple of months on their costume – but with a masquerade ball where it’s harder to get votes than nominee at a presidential caucus, a couple of months is nothing!

Classic Costumes

There are always a few truly excellent classics. Unfortunately, the ones that stand out tend to be those that are particularly difficult to pull off or walk around in.

For example, carrying around that surfboard all day can’t be very comfortable, even for the Silver Surfer!

Silver Surfer


Poison Ivy

Princess Peach

Kawai Costumes

No matter how good your costume is, you can’t beat the cute factor of a baby in a Snoopy outfit!

Baby Snoopy



Joker Junior

And proving even adults can be cute (without being creepy):


Anime Outfits

The anime costumes are often amongst the best, and I particularly love these ones below.



Random Robes

As well as being wowed by some excellent costumes, one of the joys of the con is undeniably pondering at the sheer randomness of others.

For example, since when did Zorro and Doctor Who join the Enterprise?

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, they were there as a group).

And I have no frame of reference for this guy, unless it’s an obscure nod to Kevin Smith?

This kid below was super cute but I drew a blank! Can anyone help?

I absolutely loved this awesome child-catcher costume from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When I asked if I could take a picture he quickly felt about his person going, “Wait! Where’s my prop?” before drawing out the lollipop. That’s  dedication to a cause. But child-catcher at SDCC = random, nonetheless.

And from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Kiss Kiss bang bang and beyond random. Unless it actually was Gene Simmons, in which case, sorry Gene!

And finally, it’s not so much the pirate costume that’s random, but the fact that he’s withdrawing money from an ATM. Shouldn’t he be looting?

Sci Fi Finery

And it wouldn’t be SDCC without some sci fi cosplay – these are amongst the best that I saw.

Sexy Suits

And for the boys out there, how about some comic con eye candy?

Ladies in latex

Star spangled banner indeed!

And luckily for all of us, this guy did my job for me!

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