SDCC 2011: A Whole New World…Of Disney Costumes

This year there were some truly excellent Disney costumes displayed at San Diego Comic Con. From the make-up to the props the Disney fans went out of the way this year to put everyone else to shame. And they weren’t all princesses either!

I loved this very original Mary Poppins and Bert. Their costumes were custom and looked incredible.

This Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas was really well done and a great, darker choice for the Con.

I was so excited to see Eugene and Rapunzel (and Pascal, of course!). The Wanted poster was a great touch.

This was a brilliant way to make Jasmine stand out – the ‘street rat’ robes were a very original touch.

I love the mad hair on Cinderella and her pumpkin purse was fabulous.

Another Rapunzel and this one with her hair intact. And a frying pan! Frying pans – who knew?

The female take on the Mad Hatter was excellent and this Little Mermaid was absolutely beautiful.

The only thing more awesome than a Tron costume is a mini Tron costume!

I don’t know what Jasmine would say about Aladdin hanging out with Ariel all of a sudden but this is one of my favourite Disney princess outfits so I won’t tell.

This Tink had the perfect accessory in her fairy friend – again, I’m loving the atypical gender choices.

This little Belle is born to be Disney’s next top model – look at that pose!

Finally, I was so bummed when I saw this picture had come out blurry because by that time these two wicked queens were long gone! They probably put a curse on my camera but I had to include the picture because their costumes were amazing.

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2 thoughts on “SDCC 2011: A Whole New World…Of Disney Costumes

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