Presents and Presentation

I love gift-buying, mainly because it’s the best excuse to shop (hey, if you’re not buying it for you it doesn’t count, right?). More than that I love finding the right gift for someone, one that plays up to their personality. And finally, I really love gift-wrapping because the bags and the wrapping are the first thing you see when you get a present (well, Stephen Jones once said that I packed hats like a milliner so apparently I have some sort of skill in this area).

Having said all of that, there are some people who are really hard to buy for so below I’ve picked one male and one female gift and talked through the process of how to identify the perfect gift.

Gift Recipient 1: The Cambridge Don

The Recipient: The recipient of this first gift is a young male who is locked away at one of our finer universities. However, despite the geeky introduction he is very image conscious and he loves designer labels.

The Gift: Buying for boys is always hard and I find buying alcohol as a gift even harder but when I saw this collaboration between Dolce and Gabbana and Martini I thought it would be perfect for his bookshelf.The gold embossed plaque on the front of the presentation box added the perfect touch. Since birthdays are all about eating and drinking, a birthday biscuit was the icing on the cake for this gift. The biscuit below is from the Jolly Gingers range by the Biscuiteers (who make the most beautiful, fashion-forward biscuits) and I thought it would be really cute to stick it inside the card as a surprise. I made the card myself with craft stickers and wrapping paper.

Gift Recipient 2: The B-Boy Girl

The Recipient: The recipient of this second gift is an amazingly vibrant girl who is, despite her love of afternoon tea, runs a breakdancing website, Breaking News.

The Gift: For a fitness fanatic who loves to (tea)party I wanted to get something both indulgent (the cupcakes) and practical (the travel-sized make-up and skincare).The cupcakes are by Fiona Cairns from Selfridges: I loved their ‘afternoon tea’ theme, so I thought they’d be perfect, especially since the birthday party is taking place at a tea dance class. The skincare set from Benefit (see my review here) and lip set from Millie and Ruby are perfect for girls on the go, and as this b-boy girl is often travelling around Europe covering b-boy competitions I thought these items would be great to pop ,in her backpack. The card was from another blank card and envelope set, which I accessorized with stickers.


Wraptini: I wrapped the Martini bottle with plain blue gift wrap from M&S and jazzed it up with silver ribbon and a bow on top. I also cut out the Dolce and Gabbana logo from a magazine advert and stuck it on the wrapping paper for a personalized, tongue-in-cheek touch. The bottle is then ready to be popped into the Selfridges gift bag along with the card.

Wrapstar: Stacked boxes, no matter how small, always look luxurious and reminiscent of some Audrey Hepburn type shopping spree. To keep the feel feminine but not overtly girly I used three different pastel green shades of tissue paper. To top it off, instead of wrapping the lip glosses geometrically I enveloped them in the tissue paper, gathered it at the top and tied it with a purple ribbon to match the card.

Finally, when I was in M&S I saw the cutest gift bags, check them out (below). The ‘handbag’ gift bag (£3.00)  looks like a Chanel, with a flap that closes with velcro (I did say looks like), real chain handles and the most adorable gift-tag shaped like a bow. The robber gift bag (£2.50), is like a work of art with little cut out hands and a gift-tag saying ‘Swag’. In fact, it’s so cute I might just steal it for myself!

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