The M&M Show

I finally made it to the M&M store in London’s Leicester Square last night. The shop, which opened last month, represents M&M’s first forray into Europe and houses a mind-boggling four floors full of M&M-branded apparel, gifts and, oh yeah, chocolate.

I won’t sugar-coat this for you: I’ve been to the M&M store in Las Vegas and whilst it was great it simply does not compare to the explosion of British-themed merchandise they have at the London store, nor does it come close in size.

It’s not a Double Decker….it’s an M&M!

One feature that they did bring over from the USA, however, was the rainbow wall of M&Ms, which is a beauty to behold.

Somewhere over the rainbow M&Ms are blue (and pink, and purple, and green, and yellow…!)

The above picture is just a corner of the wall, which has every colour imaginable, including the peanut variety.

And you can even purchase this M&M dispenser to create your own mini-wall!

M&M Characters

All the M&M life-size statues were created especially for the London store, offering their own unique take on English history and culture. They may not be super educational but they were super cute!

The Princess and the Pea Green M&M…

…which you can also purchase as a plush toy, natch.


Take a bite in shining armour

Swing low, sweet chariot

That net is choc full of balls

March of the M&Ms

Much Ado About Candy

Gift Ideas!

The store is full of everything you can imagine branded with the M&M characters and logo – from dog toys to loofahs – but sticking with candy, I picked out some particularly adorable items, below, which would make great presents.

These chocolate-filled wine bottles (£14.95) have different messages and would be a great accompaniment to a bottle of wine.

If you’re looking for a gift for an out of towner check out this majorly-kitsch M&M dispenser featuring a Beefeater (£15.95).

I was really stoked to see a) Halloween candy and b) Halloween candy in August. This pumpkin-shaped box (£6.95) would make a lovely gift for a Halloween-party host.

There was also this wall of kitchen utensils, from oven gloves to scrubbing brushes, and a lot of the items are under £15 which make them great housewarming gifts!

As well as Halloween, Christmas came early in M&M World! These guys already have their decorations up as well as some sweet treats such as this tree-shaped M&M giftbox (£6.95).

With the very smell of chocolate infiltrating the air I nearly slipped into a sugarcoma but I managed to walk away with a postcard (£1) and a candy-filled ‘crayon’ (£2.50) to write on it with. Oh, and a cute little carrier bag. (Thanks to Kareem at the store who was really helpful!)

However, if none of these take your fancy because, well, they don’t seem personal enough, how about sticking your own face on an M&M? Just make sure you upload a photo of yourself looking good enough to eat!

M&M World London is located at Leicester Square, WC2.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 12-6pm

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