I Kidrobot You Not: Kidrobot x Swatch Collaboration

I stopped by Kidrobot in Covent Garden this week to check out a bunch of new vinyls that had come in and also goggle at their super-awesome collaboration with Swatch.

Before I get onto the collab: I loved this statue, above, which greets you when you walk in.

The Kidrobot x Swatch collection, as expected, looked great. Whilst they only had five of the eight designs available in  the Covent Garden store, they did have this exclusive white version (above, second right). It’s really sleek-looking and features a dunny on its face (although sadly it doesn’t come with one).

The most eye-catching set is MAD’s pink, screaming dunny and watch (above, second left) but they were all beautifully done and would make a great gift for any Kidrobot fan.

Each set costs £44.50/$70.00 and the full collection (above) features:

Gary Baseman: Black dunny and watch

Jeremyville: Green and black dunny and watch

Frank Kozik: White moustache dunny, yellow watch

Joe Ledbetter: Grey dunny and watch

MAD: Pink mouth dunny and watch

Tara McPherson: Green and orange dunny and watch

SSUR: Military dunny and watch

Tilt: Multicoloured dunny and watch

When I was in the store I also caught a glimpse of this unbelievably awesome chest featuring all eight watches and dunnies as well as a huge version of the Frank Kozik dunny. At £1,000 it may not be cheap but it is soo cool. It will also mean you have a watch to wear for everyday of the week (and two on Sundays). And, as they say, time is money!

Whilst in store I also checked out some of the other new items available. My favourites included this furry purple Domo (above) from Series 3. Yup, you heard me right – not just plush but actually furry. So cute! I also liked the pink bubblegum-popping Labbit (above) from Series 4.

My friend walked away with a set of neon ‘Stoner Fort’ Labbits featuring cigarettes, Kiss eye make up and, er, Pork Rinds. Well, they are stoner labbits and we all know how stoners like to pig out.

The Kidrobot carrier bag (above) is awesome, by the way, all stiff card, bright graphics and ribbon handles. A very nice touch.

All in all, some pretty awesome stuff in store at the moment on London’s Earlham Street. However,  if dunnies and smoking stoner rabbits aren’t for you, how about this t-shirt, below?

If nothing else, it gets the message across!

The Kidrobot x Swatch collection is available from 1 September at Kidrobot and Swatch.

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