No Monkeying Around: Series 5 Lego Minifigures Are Out!

All girls know that exciting things come in small blue packages but, unlike Tiffany’s, these Series 5 minifigures won’t cost you an arm and a Lego.

There are some great characters in this collection – they seem to get more intricate and clever with each series – and I’m not just saying that because this series features a graduate.

Whilst I was out this weekend I picked a couple up  and I got the zookeeper and monkey and the boxer.

The zookeeper comes with a little monkey and a banana, both of which are super cute.

The boxer is awesome with his gloves (which can be swapped for regular hands, although those don’t come with the figure) and – my favourite part – his two facial expressions: one victorious and one featuring a rather painful-looking black eye.

Next up I’m hoping to get the beefeater and mascot but I’ll keep you updated!

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