Marvel-lous Minifigures from Lego

So yesterday I posted about Lego minifigures Series 5, which have just been released, but I just found these photos from San Diego Comic Con 2011 where Lego made the announcement that they would be collaborating with both DC and Marvel!

This is the first time Marvel will have collaborated with Lego and the only surprise is that it’s taken them this long to team up (in fact, I was discussing how much I’d love some superhero Lego minifigures just before the announcement was made). Plus with the runaway success of the Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego sets, the popularity of suphero movies (especially the excitement for the upcoming Avengers movie) and the fact that mint Batman Lego sets sell online for hundreds of dollars this collaboration makes a lot of sense!

The minifigures they have previewed so far are four of the six avengers who have so far had their own movies (Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man) plus Wolverine. If you look closely you can see that the Captain America they exhibited at SDCC is a prototype with stickers on his face and shield.

I particularly love Thor (it doesn’t hurt that he’s based on Chris Hemsworth) especially his little cape and, of course, hammer, Mjölner (or “miu miu” according to Kat Dennings). Iron Man’s mask is a little odd but I may warm to it if I see it up close. However, the Hulk just doesn’t look like Lego anymore. Understandably it’s a tough character to do, especially given that he has to be much bigger than the other minifigures, but I just can’t get behind this minifigure, especially his arms. I’m hoping he’s just a prototype but, if not, I’ll settle for all the others!

Whilst DC previously collaborated with Lego to release a number of Batman sets between 2006-2008, which featured Batman, Catwoman, Joker and Poison Ivy, they are collaborating with DC again to bring them all back and, in addition, they introduced Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (not pictured) and Superman. The Wonder Woman minifigure is amazing with what appears to be a customized hairpiece and specially made tiara and lasso. She wears the classic Wonder Woman leotard combo. Superman is also very cute with his Christopher Reeves-curl.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Batman and Green Lantern (below), courtesy of Lego.

No announcement was made with regard to what sets the minifigures will come with or whether they’ll be available in a minifigure-only set (unlikely, since they scrapped the Pirates of the Caribbean minifigure set, probably in a bid to make people buy the full sets if they wanted to complete their collection of characters) but you can expect the Super Hero Legos line to hit stores in January 2012.

In the meantime, check out these full-sized figures from Lego that I spotted around the con.

The gargoyle (above) is awesome.

Did you know that Captain Jack has hidden Depps?

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