Coco Pop-Up: Chanel Comes to Harrrods

So last weekend I died and went to Chanel.

Or, more accurately, I finally managed to get myself down to visit the Chanel pop-up exhibition at Harrods!

But before even getting anywhere near the 3rd floor of the luxury department store, where the exhibition is housed, a wave of Chanel hit me at 50 paces. Not only did it look like some (extremely fashionable) pirates had taken over the building and replaced all the Harrods flags with Chanel, but 23 of Harrods windows had been taken over by Karl and his crew.

The window displays were incredible: pearls and a twinset never looked so hot, especially when worn by a deer.

There seemed to be a Winter Palace/Snow Queen theme running through the window displays, which the Russian in me loved.

I also dug the ‘Red Riding Hood goes bad’ vibe with the Wolfskin style hats and capes. Looks like Red had the last laugh.

In terms of poultry, I particularly loved these pearl-wearing flamingos. So chic!

I also totally coveted the white peacock though.

In fact, there was nothing I didn’t want. I would even have taken one of those Chanel-emblazoned Harrods doors.

Needless to say the clothes were exquisite but the whole package was mindblowing, especially given the work that had gone into it

But by far my favourite window was the one with this winged deer. Bambi, eat your heart out!

Finally I managed to peel myself off the windows outside and enter La Promenade, whereupon I stepped into a world of Chanel.

I went crazy for this giant quilted bag and jacket, which made me feel like Alice in Wonderland (see the pic of me next to the bag, below, to gauge its actual size).

There was also a super-awesome toy room with lots of Dunny-like Cocos and some Karl bears.

I knew Karl had to be around somewhere and I eventually found him glowing like a Jedi in the library. There was a coffee table, sofas to sit on and books to peruse. Perfect for a pitstop when wearing 5 inch heels! That Karl is a canny one.

Overall this place is a must-see. I know in my description there have been a lot of Disney mentions but the exhibition is literally a haute couture version of Disneyland. It’s every fashionista’s fairytale! And hell, if Chanel is Disneyland then I’m definitely a Chanel (Disney) Princess. Look, I even wore my Tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld shirt in honour!

Hurry, the exhibition closes on Sunday, 25 September!

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