All Kitted Out in Hello Kitty from Liberty of London

I was having kittens when I first heard that Hello Kitty and Liberty of London were collaborating on a range together and the launch date was in my diary for months. Sadly I couldn’t make it for the launch on Sunday, where Ms Kitty herself made an appearance, but yesterday I popped down to Liberty’s to check out the Hello Kitty collection before it sold out!

Unlike many Hello Kitty collaborations, where her face is just plastered onto a product, the special thing about this one is that Liberty have created a range of Hello Kitty prints. Given Liberty’s long history with Japan (when the store first opened in 1875 it mainly sold fabric and objects from Japan and Japan is still the only country to have a Liberty’s concession) the fabrics, which incorporated a variety of patterns including apple blossom, are a really lovely nod to both brands’ histories.

The range itself, housed on the 3rd floor, includes everything from alarm clocks to pencil cases.

I loved the way some of the items were displayed in belljars – so chic.

Some of the items were so adorable, such as this bag in the bottom right hand corner. When you unzip it a shopper folds out and you can then use the bow-shaped outer case as a wallet. Beyond cute.

From clockwise: Travel set £12, Alarm clock £14, display (various), Shopper bag £8

I also loved this jewellery box (£18) which has space for a photograph in the lid (if you put a giant picture of your face it’ll look like you’re wearing the Hello Kitty bow! Kinda…) and two velvety layers inside for jewellery.

Naturally there were some Hello Kitty toys (top right) which came in two sizes. They were wearing a Liberty-print dress which was adorable. If you buysome of the fabric you and Hello Kitty can match! The make-up was also gorgeous with a beautiful print on the outside and it contains eight eyeshadows within, which is pretty generous!

Clockwise: Small bean toy £7.99, display (various), Pencil case £8.99, Eyeshadow £8

This Apple tree bag (£19.99) has the most adorable zipper pull in the shape of a bow and comes with a detachable purse inside. If it wasn’t so small (I think it’s intended for children) I would definitely have got one! On the right is a porcelain moneybox (£49.99) with a real fabric dress and bow, a cute touch.

This Kitty Wonderland cosmetics bag (£16) would make a gorgeous gift! It comes with mascara, lipgloss and eyeshadow all in the same print and you can reuse the bag afterwards.

There was also stationary including photo albums, notecards and notebooks. And pens (not pictured)!

Clockwise from left: Box of Treats Mini Bath Collection £10, Photo albums £11.99, Notebooks £9.99, Notecards £9.99, Holiday travel set £12

I ended up getting two  of the hand soap and moisturizer sets, which come with a very cute soap dish (£10) – one is for a friend! The lovely woman at the counter wrapped it up in Hello-Kitty emblazoned paper and even gave me one of the cards from the launch party as I told her I was so sad I didn’t make it.

I have to take a moment here to just rave about these cards, which feature Hello Kitty’s head on a Liberty Hello Kitty print. Firstly, her head can be popped out to make a Hello Kitty mask. And so you can make your mask straight away it also comes with gold elastic which – ingeniously – comes tucked into Hello Kitty’s bow. So beautifully done!

So finally, the fabrics themselves  (£21 per metre). All the fabrics are gorgeous, encapsulating both brands’ histories (e.g. using apples, blossom, lotus flowers etc) and with some really cute detail such as teddy bears and bows.

Blue Karenkubo

Love how she almost blends with the blossom!

Blue Apple Tree

Again a really subtle print of apples and Hello Kitties.

Kitty Wonderland

This is a very surrealist image, as befits the name of the print. If you look closely you can see a train and a bear inside Kitty’s head on the right.

Orange Kitty Town

This print reminds me of the Hello Kitty books I had when I was a kid – very cute. You can see her mother and father on the left!

Music Festival

This fabric has a 70s feel and features the creative cat playing different instruments.

Pink Karenkubo

This time with pink blossoms!

All in all I think it’s a fabulous collection and very reasonably priced. And now I can finally kit my home out in Hello Kitty, so it can look like Hello Kitty’s own house in Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland!

These are some pictures I took when I was there last. Clockwise from left: Sanrio Puroland, Hello Kitty’s house, Hello Kitty’s bedroom.

Liberty Art Fabrics for Hello Kitty is available until 9th October

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4 thoughts on “All Kitted Out in Hello Kitty from Liberty of London

  1. Oh my heart! I’m having kittychan palpitations! So cute!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Being a Hello Kitty lover, I simply enjoyed reading your post with your lovely pics!

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