Turn My SDCC Swag On

I’m not even going to think about how long ago San Diego Comic Con 2011 was at this point but since I still haven’t even framed my Tangled cell from SDCC 2010 I think it’s safe to say that it takes me a while to recover from the Con. Better late than never though, right?!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages: SDCC swag! SDCC is amazing for toys and the toys are one of the reasons I love going. This year I had a very long list for Santa SDCC. And I was a very good girl so I managed to get my mitts on most of it! Some of it was free, some of it was paid for, all of it involved queuing.

Girl Talk

Upon entering the Con on Preview Night I made a beeline for the Dark Horse booth to get hold of  the 2″ SDCC exclusive geek Domo – Dark Horse only made 1,200. I love his little office worker shirt and pants! So cute and nerdy. I ♥ Domo, especially when he’s only two inches tall.

Next stop was the Mezco booth where even on preview night a queue was already forming. I’m not a huge fan of Mez-Itz (too square and not rotund enough for me) but Wonder Woman did not get a lot of love at the Con this year generally and at only 2″ tall this Wonder Woman Mez-Itz was extremely cute so I picked one up to clip onto my backpack. She also had one bad-ass expression on her face – no one messes with this Wonder Woman!

 Also on my list this year was Barbie. Last year’s Barbie was Flashdance Barbie, who looked as if the 80s had thrown up on her, what with the bad perm and the hideous lycra. I’m figuring she didn’t go down too well because this year Mattel put out Carol Ferris Barbie, a way smarter idea given that a) she’s actually a comic book character and b) she’s hot (naturally, given that she’s based on Blake Lively.) It’s actually a really good likeness, down to the mole on her right cheek. Anyway, the doll is awesome and fully poseable. She also comes with a helmet but no knickers.

Yeah, I checked.

 From Barbies to Unicornos. One of my most prized possessions from SDCC was this little guy from Tokidoki. And I was lucky enough to catch Simone Legno himself, creator of Tokidoki, doing a signing at the booth.

Except, being Simone Legno, he wasn’t just signing stuff but drawing on it. He drew Sandy, one of the Cactus Friends, on my Tokidoki backpack and he also animated my blank unicorno. Soooo adorable.

 And while we’re on equidae, what do you think of this My Little Pony? It’s pretty gothed out. This was one of my must-haves this year and the queues for Hasbro were insane. We had to queue for an hour at around 8am first thing in the morning in order to get wristbands that would allow us to join the queue at the booth that afternoon. After all that queuing, when I finally got to the counter I was subjected to FBI levels of scrutiny (passport: checked, SDCC pass: checked and stamped) before I was finally allowed to purchase my one, solitary (but totally awesome) pony. Take that, neeeigh-sayers.

My other must-have this year was the Monster High SDCC exclusive. Last year I got the SDCC exclusive Frankie Stein, which was all silver, signed by one of the creators and this year’s doll, Ghoulia Yelps, was even better.

The story behind it is that Ghoulia is a massive ‘Dead Fast’ fan and she is attending a Dead Fast con. She comes with her own little swag bag (with Dead Fast on it), a Deadfast comic (which is what I had signed this year) and…drum roll please… her own little boxed Dead Fast figure who is so tiny and cute it nearly blew my mind.

Also the way the whole set is packaged is genius because you can keep it intact and still display all the cool stuff it comes with (e.g. the heart-shaped hole to display the Dead Fast figure is brilliant) but actually it’s made so you can take it all apart to take a closer look and then box it back up. Mattel scored highly in my book this year with the Ghoulia figure (although I would suggest they change up the booth a bit next year because they used most of the same displays in 2011 as they did in 2010).

 This mini super bean comes from Mameshiba and was a gift – he looks so sad but he’s extremely kawaii in his little cape.

 Over the weekend I headed down to the Funko booth to check out their latest range for Disney (which included an awesome Maleficant). Whilst I was there I got chatting to David Goldsmith of His Kidz Toys (they make Faithboy) who showed me a super cute Jack Skellington Funko prototype that he had in his pocket after he spotted my Jack Skellington hoodie. He also gave me acouple of raffle tickets for the Funko raffle where they were giving away prototypes. He must have blessed my ticket because I won one! And, even better, I got me a Disney Princess. Amen to that!

I was also lucky enough to get my hands on these two Lego minifigures from the upcoming Lego and DC collaboration. Again the queuing system here left a lot to be desired but, given that I won one of each, I can’t complain! See the full collection of minifigures from DC and Marvel here.

 As well as toys I like to stock up on lounge wear whilst I’m in San Diego. This year I picked up a Bones t-shirt (which they gave away upstairs because the panel got cancelled). I love me some freebies (and also David Boreanaz circa the Buffy years) so I grabbed one.

 One of the best freebies, however, was this pyjama set after the Beavis and Butthead panel. The duo are returning to the small screen at the end of October and I will be wearing these in their honour when they do.  Heh heh henh hmm heh.

Boys Toys

My Comic Con Companion (CoCoCo for short) – who also got me my SDCC pass, so props to him – also picked up some pretty cool bits and pieces of his own and I got to take some close up pictures without blowing any more cash, yay.

This Young Justice Superboy in a Cloning Chamber is awesome. The chamber is actually a cool display box, made of cardboard, but when you press the button on the front it lights up. There are also three little aliens at the top – very cute.

This set is the result of a collaboration between DC and Masters of the Universe and features Bizarro v Faker complete with accessories and a mini-poster! The only thing is that once all the accessories fall to the bottom of the box there’s no way of putting them back without destroying the packaging. By the power of Grayskull!

This 6 inch figure of Raiden from Mortal Kombat  glows in the dark.

That is all.

 My favourite thing about the SDCC Gremlin is the fact that, well, he’s an SDCC Gremlin, with swag bag, sunglasses and teeny tiny SDCC pass! Soooo adorable.

 And I’ve saved the biggest, if not the best, for last! This Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Collectors’ Pack is shaped like a Death Star and features 12 figures (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Admiral Ackbar, Boba Fett, a B-Wing pilot, a Stormtrooper, Wicket the Ewok, Princess Leia, an Endor Rebel Trooper and a Tie-Fighter Pilot plus bonus figures Salacious Crumb and Mouse Droid.) This edition also featured reproduction packaging from the original figures. And if that wasn’t die-hard enough, the name of the set (Revenge of the Jedi) is a reference to the original title of Return of the Jedi. Super geeky knowledge!

The most hilarious thing about the Death Star is that we had no way of getting it back to the UK so we decided to send it by USPS. We took a trip to Staples, spent ages wrapping it and taping it and when we finally got it to the Post Office the woman behind the counter took one look at it and said: “That’s a Death Star.” Turns out ours was not the first one she’d shipped!

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  1. I’d like a pair of beavis and butthead pajamas for christmas to show every one how much i love B&B!

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