Snow Global Domination: Gaga vs Lagerfeld

What’s left for you to do when you’re world famous, have your own fashion house and can boast products from cosmetics to food with your name on them? Create your own snowglobe, duh! Something that both Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga have done this winter.Uncle Karl’s globe, from his Sephora collection, is a super chic minimalist design featuring his silhouette surrounded by gold flakes (which kind of reminds me of that bit at the end of the Crystal Maze where you had to grab gold tokens in a giant dome. Hem. Anyway…). The base is in classic black with Karl’s signature imprinted in gold and the following quotation (translated via my rusty schoolgirl French): “My biggest luxury is to not have to justify myself to anyone.” C’est belle!Gaga’s globe features Gaga (or her head, at any rate) perched on a motorcycle atop Barneys New York. Suitably mad, yes. The globe was created as part of Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Barneys New York  and it conjures up all kinds of warm, wintery images of New York in the winter. Additionally, Gaga sitting on top of the globe is an apt analogy for her being on top of the world right now. Meta.


See more of Lady Gaga’s Workshop for Barneys here.


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