Beware the Dragon at H&M

Last night I went to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. First off, full disclosure: I haven’t read the books or seen the Swedish version. If I only hear about something via the hype it’s getting, I tend to avoid it but, for one reason or another, I ended up seeing David Fincher’s version last night and it was really good. Rooney Mara, in particular, was incredible as the troubled Lisbeth Salander. In conjunction with the release, H&M recently released a collection in collaboration with Trish Somerville, the movie’s costume designer, based on Rooney’s character, and I popped down to Selfridges recently to check it out.Lisbeth is a cyber goth style hacker who loves hooded tops, ripped t-shirts and lots of black. Her look is variously described as asexual or lesbian but it’s really just very representative of goth/punk culture and it was in turn fairly represented in the movie (i.e. it didn’t look too stylized or over done).

The H&M range sold out pretty quickly, particularly the hooded top, above.

In Selfridges, four of the mannequins were styled in the Trish Somerville collection (above).

My favourite pieces were the artfully ripped t-shirt and the hoody, particularly because it had thumbholes (I love thumbholes!)

The bag looked really similar to the one in the movie and the wedge shoes were pretty cool too.

If I hadn’t just bought the Versace for H&M leather jacket I probably would have got this  motorbike jacket, above. I ended up settling for a pair of awesome black leather magnetic cuffs.

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander

There was one interview that I recently read with David Fincher, the movie’s director, in which he gave a particularly great quote about the pressure he was under when making the movie: “There’s always pressure […] When you’re talking about some black-lipstick-wearing Hot-Topic goth-chick blogger who’s going, ‘You didn’t cast the right person to play Lisbeth,’ it’s like ‘OK, back of the line!’ I’m more worried about Stieg’s widow.”

Well, from this occasional Hot Topic-wearing, former-goth chick blogger: David, you did an excellent job casting Lisbeth!

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out in cinemas now

The Trish Somerville collection for H&M is available whilst stocks last

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