Come and Trim My Christmas Tree With Some Decorations Bought at Tiffany’s…

Over the Christmas period I popped into Somerset House to see their ice rink, Christmas Tree and decorations: all sponsored by Tiffany’s!

The first thing you see when you enter the courtyard is a candy and jewellery shop in the shape of a Tiffany’s box. I know right? Forget breakfast at Tiffany’s – I would live in here if I could.

The inside of the store was a mix of Alice in Wonderland (with the blue cupboards and black and white floor) and Aladdin’s cave because it is full of goodies!

From the chic tree to the Tiffany’s cupcakes with their trademarked Tiffany-blue icing, the shop looks good enough to eat!

There was also a selection of Tiffany’s jewellery on offer, natch.

My favourite part was the candy though! There were lollies and chocolates and candies, oh my.

The Tiffany’s shop is technically an adjunct to the Somerset House ice rink, which is sponsored by Tiffany’s. (But as museum goers know, the shop is always the best part!)

The Tiffany’s tree was also pretty awesome. It’s super big (not Rockefeller tree big, or Jack and the Giant Beanstalk big, but still, it’s big) and it sits in a Tiffany’s box too. Tree chic!

I loved the decorations on it too – cute. Totally reminded me of the song Santa Baby (the lyrics of which I used for the title of this post.)

Go check it out!

Skate at Somerset House continues until 22nd January and is sponsored by Tiffany’s & Co so get your skates on!

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