Awesom-O: South Park x Marc Jacobs

I’m a big fan of both South Park and Marc Jacobs so it was super sweet when I found out that the two had collaborated for a range of t-shirts (below) for Marc’s ‘Protect the Skin You’re In’ campaign, which benefits skin cancer research.Apparently South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had some pretty imposing demands when it came to the t-shirts. Given that divas such as Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham have posed naked for Marc’s campaign in the past, that’s saying something. Marc also revealed that there was no way Parker and Stone would let Kenny appear naked on the t-shirts (cue cries of “You Bastards!”). Although South Park pervs can make do with nudie shots of Butters, Randy and Cartman, it’s a shame there’s no Kenny t-shirt because, as anyone who has seen South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut will know, Kenny is weirdly fit when he takes off his hood. I’ll just have to make do with beefcake Eric Cartman instead.This isn’t the first time Marc has met the South Park gang: he recently appeared in a South Park episode as Muscle Man Marc and he was so thrilled with his portrayal that apparently he’s going to get a tattoo of his character to join the two South Park tats he already has: Clyde Frog and Rumpletumskin. Props to Marc for such an awesome reaction to his cameo (he also called it an “honour”). Some how, I don’t see Paris Hilton getting a ‘Stupid Spoiled Whore’ tatoo anytime soon.  I actually paid a visit to South Park last year, when Comedy Central set up in a park outside of San Diego Comic Con, complete with town, school bus and even Cheesy Poofs. Above is a picture of me hanging with the boys.

For more photos of South Park brought to life, check out the gallery below.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirts are out now, retailing for $35.00 each.


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