Forever and Ever You’ll Stay in My Heart: Forever 21 Tel Aviv

I’ve been in the Middle East this week and, whilst out there, I stopped by Israel’s one and only Forever 21, as I was curious as to how much it would differ from the US and UK stores. The Tel Aviv store opened in October and I can safely report that it wasn’t too different from the Forever 21 we know and love. One thing that struck me, though, was that the store was absolutely enormous (it certainly felt larger than the Oxford Street branch). They also had lots of different ‘areas’ set up showcasing the different trends: neon, ballet, glamour and animal print amongst others. Each trend was epitomised by three mannequins (check out pictures in the gallery below). There was also a huge accessories area.As always, when it comes to Forever 21, I could’ve spent forever in there, in both senses of the word. In particular they had the most adorable pair of piggy socks and also lot of tops with really cool graphics including Snow White, Mickey Mouse and Star Wars (you can check them out in the gallery below). One of my favourite items (although it’s impossible to choose an absolute favourite) was a Saved by the Bell sweatshirt. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it (such a 90s flashback) and I absolutely can’t wait to wear it out – I was totally in love with Zac when I was younger. The shark top, below, was also particularly awesome because a) it has a shark on it (sharks get so little love), b) it’s purple (my favourite colour) and c) it says ‘Nom’ (as in the internet-meme slogan ‘Nom nom’ rather than the word ‘Name’ in French, as my – understandably – confused friend seemed to think).

Err, look what happened when I wore it over my Wonder Woman top though…Wonder Shark!

Check out the rest of my finds below.

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Israel’s Forever 21 is located in Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv

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