Less than Happily Ever After: Kukula and The Pierces

I’ve been listening to The Pierces‘ ‘Three Wishes’ on repeat recently after a friend played it to me a few weeks ago. Like most of The Pierces’ songs, it’s really haunting (their song ‘Secret’ is the theme song for Pretty Little Liars, and that’s got a pretty creepy vibe too.)

Anyway, it really reminded me of this amazing exhibition I saw back in 2009 at Urbanix Gallery in Tel Aviv. The exhibiton was called ‘Prozac for a Princess’ and it featured works by an Israeli artist called Kukula, who is currently based in San Fransisco.

She draws these sad, doll-like figures in sexualised, Gothic Lolita style outfits, often accompanied by animals or pop culture references.

Interesting that both the song and the exhibition are fairytale-related and yet so sad. I guess it says something about the nature of fairytales…

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One thought on “Less than Happily Ever After: Kukula and The Pierces

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