Marni Mania at H&M

 Marni at H&M finally launched today! And it was the calmest, most well-behaved H&M guest designer launch I’ve ever been to. I think it was partly to do with Marni’s laid back vibe but also because the H&M staff totally have the wristband system down now.After getting our wristbands at 8.30am we were able to head off to a cafe to warm up and wait until our allotted time slot of 9.25am, at which point we could stroll right in to the cordoned off area in-store and browse the collection for 10 minutes. 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot but in reality it’s plenty of time, although you do find as they start calling out “2 minutes…1 minute” you start just shovelling handfuls of random items into your carrier bag like your life depends on it. Luckily, everyone is only allowed one of each item (FYI – it’s useful to bring a shopping buddy so you can get an item in a couple of different sizes) and the staff replenish stock on the shopfloor between each group entering.Anyway – on to the important stuff! Usually I make a beeline for the garments rather than accessories (especially because the guest designer accessories are often underwhelming) but, for me, this collection was all about the accessories! I did, however, get the swimsuit, which is totally bonkers.I picked up the platforms (which were also meant to come out in silver but apparently were recalled) and the silver sandals as well as a pair of the men’s and women’s sunglasses. The shoes especially were super comfortable.I also got the bag with a detachable pocket, which is PVC with leather trimming: it’s really roomy! I was quite tempted by the men’s bag (which is huuuge) but in the end my mom got one and I fully intend on, ahem, ‘borrowing’ it. The Marni at H&M carrier bags must also get an honourable mention (the blue and green bags in the photos above): for the first time out of any guest designer collection they were made of rigid plastic so they can pretty much be worn as actual bags. Tres cool!

Let me know what items, if any, you got from the collection in the comments 🙂

PS I know I haven’t even taken the labels off but I already want to know who the next H&M guest designer will be!

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2 thoughts on “Marni Mania at H&M

  1. looks like you got some good stuff! I was able to get the tank and dress that I was looking for but not the white flower necklace:( I may break down and bid for one on Ebay

  2. Oh I hate it when I can’t get one of the items! The good thing about ebay is that if you wait a bit for the hype to die down the prices should drop. I even saw Versace for H&M stuff going for less than the price in the store last time!

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