The Fast and the Fashionable: Cars, Clothes and Cartoons

I’m a city girl, whether at home or on holiday, and I tend to see a lot of crazy looking cars around (although by ‘crazy’ I don’t necessarily mean expensive) so I decided to start a new blog feature. Whenever I see a crazy car I’m going to post it together with a cartoon character and an item of clothing it reminds me of. Random, I know, but hopefully it will work!

The car: I spotted this purple Lamborghini outside Selfridges in London a while back. A ridiculously flashy car but it’s in my favourite colour and shade of purple. I also have to confess that whilst I know nothing about cars I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Lamborghinis. I’m just that kinda girl 😉

The Cartoon: Whenever I see purple it reminds me of the cartoon rock star Lyra from Eternal Descent. This still from the animation captures her in a really similar shade (usually she wears a much darker purple). And how cool is her purple hair? I totally want to rock that look some day. (You can check out the animation in full here).

Aaaand the Clothes: Versace for H&M. If you’re rolling in a luxury Italian sports car like a rock star, who else are you going to be wearing but Versace? Even if it is by H&M!

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