Wishing Everyone a Sweet Easter and Passover Weekend

Happy Easter and Passover weekend to all!I’ve actually been getting into the holiday spirit since before last weekend but I kicked things up a notch last Sunday when I visited the Chocolate Festival on London’s South Bank (yup, such a wonder truly exists). My visits to the Festival in previous years felt slightly more successful (perhaps because those times it was less crowded and I’d gone earlier in the weekend – a lot of the stalls had sold out of stock bySunday afternoon) but I particularly loved this ‘under the sea’ Easter egg, above left, complete with chocolate sea shells and the chocolate lollipop with printed lips, above right, which had a Lulu Guinness vibe.Midweek I tuned into South Park and it turns out I wasn’t the only one getting into the holiday spirit, as this week’s episode featured the South Park take on both Easter and Passover. As you can tell from the above screen cap of Cartman – dressed as an Easter bunny and chained to a rock – neither event emerges uncathed, but the episode was satisfyingly topical nonetheless.The next day I decided to make Easter treats. Originally I had intended to make cupcakes but ran out of time so resorted to cornflake cakes, as they’re so much easier (chocolate + cornflakes). For toppings I started off by using mini eggs. As it happens, mini eggs are my personal kryptonite so at least half the packet did not make it on to the cakes. The mini eggs were therefore supplemented by white chocolate that I had poured into moulds the previous day and gummy sweets that I got at the Chocolate Festival. The gummies came together on a stick like a kebab but I pulled them off to use as toppings.Although not totally Easter themed, I have decided to include this pic of Friday’s Hello Kitty pancake effort. I bought the mould at Artbox a few weeks ago. It’s metal, so you can place it in the frying pan and pour the batter into it, and it comes with a little stencil to sprinkle sugar over and define Kitty’s face. Super kawaii right?And finally, the weekend itself, where I was unexpectedly given these lovely Easter gifts: a share in a Hotel Chocolat ‘The Eggsibhionist’ extra thick chocolate egg with miniature chocolate eggs inside (beyond decedant) and this adorable satin Lulu Guinness make up bag, which has embroidered ice creams on it topped off with little buttons for cherries. So sweet! And it made for a poetically cyclical Easter week.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

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