It’s a Barbie World: Barbie for Uniqlo, Barbie for Hunger Games and Barbie for President

Despite turning 53 this year, Barbara Millicent Roberts retains the stamina (and looks) of a doll half her age, as the last fortnight alone demonstrates. Over the last two weeks Barbie has got herself all dolled up as Katniss from The Hunger Games, released her (second) t-shirt collection for Uniqlo and announced she is running for her (fifth) presidential campaign. All without a frown line in sight.

Mrs President

This week the presidential campaign got a bit more colourful with the announcement that ‘I Can Be’ Barbie was running for the Pink House as the ‘B Party’ candidate. With her manifesto yet to be announced her power suit, designed by Chris Benz, did all the talking. The commanding pink colour  stays true to the spirit of Barbie but is given a patriotic twist with its red, white and blue piping. As befits a presidential candidate, for the first time ever Barbie is able to stand on her own two feet thanks to a powerful pair of (magnetic) pumps. To paraphrase Mark Twain, shoes really do maketh the woman.


If you’re more interested in hunger games than political ones, Katniss Barbie might be more your size. Fully kitted out and bearing a strong resemblence to Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games (although not as strong as the Blake Lively Barbie) this is one doll who doesn’t pull any punches.

Tee Time

For those who still love the original fashion doll but feel they have outgrown the ‘doll’ part, check out Uniqlo’s second Barbie t-shirt collection featuring a jaw-dropping 27 different pieces (you can see them all in the gallery below). Far larger than the first Uniqlo Barbie collection and featuring three different styles of t-shirt, each tee comes with a Barbie surprise sewn into the label (check it out in the gallery). My favourite piece is this grey fitted t-shirt with a perfume bottle print and adorable Peter Pan collar. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now I’m that I’m in my Barbie kit and I’ve got my Barbie Kat, where do I get a Barbie ballot card from? 

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