Diet Coke-d Out With Jean Paul Gaultier

Last month French designer Jean Paul Gaultier was announced as the creative director of Diet Coke. And last week his first designs for the bottle were unveiled at Harvey Nichols.The Food Hall at Harvey Nicks was decked out with these awesome larger-than-life Diet Coke bottles. They look like mummy and daddy Cokes, watching over their calorie-free, designer-clad offspring.Aaanyway, let’s get down to the bottles, which are themed ‘Day’ and ‘Night’. The ‘Day’ bottle was clearly inspired by the designer himself and is adorned with Gaultier’s classic Breton stripes whilst the red cap resembles un petit beret. The other bottle, ‘Night’, wears a corset with conical bra a la Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour. I love how the corset bottle also features the back of the corset (it totally gives me a flashback to Scarlett O’Hara being laced into her corset in Gone with the Wind). See the picture below for reference photos for the bottles.For those about to cry ‘copyright infringement’ regarding the conical bra, worry not: Gaultier actually designed all the costumes on the Blonde Ambition tour, including the infamous lingerie.I like the ying yang theme with the designs: day/male and night/female. The two can be purchased individually or together in a special limited edition collector’s box, which also comes with a Gaultier-designed glass. Trop chic!How awesome are the inside of the lift doors at Harvey Nicks? Love it.But that’s not all: Gaultier will be releasing a third bottle, titled ‘Tattoo’, later in the year and I have a hunch it may have been inspired by Amy Winehouse.The evidence: Gaultier’s Spring Summer 2012 collection was dedicated to her (see one of his models on the catwalk, above right) and at the Diet Coke launch party he told VogueTV he loved “everything about her” and that her look was “fabulous, fantastic – it was unique”. As well as her music and, sadly, her disintegrating personal life, Winehouse was also known for her many tattoos, so I think there might be some sort of dedication to her in the design of the ‘Tattoo’ bottle.In the meantime, my Gaultier bottles will be joining my Lagerfeld bottle. I do believe this might be the beginning of a collection…Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Diet Coke-d Out With Jean Paul Gaultier

  1. Do you know where I can purchase these bottles? xx

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