How Much Winnie the Pooh Can You Bear?

Winnie the Pooh was first published in 1926 and over 80 years later the honey-loving, anthropomorphised bear remains as popular and loveable as ever. Following Disney’s revamp of the the franchise last year with their feature length Winnie the Pooh film, Uniqlo recently released a line of Pooh bear t-shirts, which got me onto a bit of a Pooh roll (err, that sounds way worse than intended). Below I’ve listed a number of ways you can revisit the One Hundred Acre Wood gang. Read on for your Winnie the Pooh fix.

Wear the Bear

The t-shirt is from Uniqlo’s above-mentioned Winnie the Pooh range. Cute right? The bear is a birthday gift (which I subsequently had signed by one of the directors of the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie) and the mug came with an Easter egg I got a couple of years ago.

Reading With Pooh

AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh manuscript and first edition are on display at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied. Randomly, it’s situated in a temperature controlled cabinet next to a first hand account of the first test of the atomic bomb.  I guess in its own way Winnie the Pooh also makes for explosive reading.

Bear to Watch

 2011’s Winnie the Pooh is Disney’s 51st animated film. Despite a running time of barely (bearly) an hour – it’s 63 minutes – it’s a fantastic film that, as John Lasseter requested with the reboot, transcends generations.

Listen to Pooh

Zooey Deschanel contributed three songs to the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack, including the track ‘So Long’, above, which accompanied the end credits. Her retro sound and quirky personality are a perfect fit for the naughty bear.

Visit Winnie

AA Milne was born in Kilburn, in North West London. The building he lived in as a child is no longer there (it’s a council estate now) but in 2010 a local committee decided to honour him with a plaque. There’s not much to see there but it was still cool to pay homage to the birthplace of the man who created Winnie the Pooh

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