Hello Kitty Meets America’s Next Top Model

I haven’t watched America’s Next Top Model in years but decided I had to tune in again when I heard Kelly Cutrone would be on the show. Ever since she advised Whitney Port on how to handle mean girl Olivia Palermo on The City (“You know where nice people end up? On welfare. Scare the shit out of her and don’t ever do it on email or in writing”) I’ve been a huge Kelly Cutrone fan. The series has made for good television so far  (I’ve really enjoyed the whole USA v UK thing, despite how gimmicky it is) but pay off came this week with a Hello Kitty themed shoot! The couture designs (as Catherine so helpfully explained to viewers, that means they are “one of a kind”) were created by Francis Libirian out of random Hello Kitty items, from lunchboxes to snapbands.The shoot was clearly inspired by Lady Gaga (despite no mention of her on the show) but it was a lot of fun to watch. Check out all the girls’ pictures below.Laura was criticized for going for an angular pose yet again. Whilst I was really impressed by her shoot with Kris Jenner in episode 2, I’m not really loving Laura these last few episodes, especially her ragging on Kyle, which came across as really vicious.Catherine pulled off a cool photo in a difficult outfit. I didn’t really think she was one of the strongest candidates to begin with but she certainly seems to be pleasing the judges.Eboni is so beautiful but she’s been struggling the last couple of episodes. It’s a cute picture but this week’s guest judge, Georgina Chapman, was on the money when she said that the pose needed something a bit extra like a bent leg or tilted head. By the way, how absolutely gorgeous is Georgina Chapman? She really should be on the other side of the judging table!Alisha is currently my favourite and I’m hopeful she might win the series. I love her straight-talking Sarf London attitude (she had me in stiches when, in episode 5, she said to camera: “The fire is coming and it’s burning and these bitches about to get cooked!”) and she’s been doing really well the last couple of weeks. I was worried for her that the above picture would be a bit too sexual, given her legs akimbo pose juxtaposed with the kiddy-themed nature of the shoot. (Especially as Eboni, who Tyra nick-named ‘Thirty Never’ for her youthful looks, always seems to be getting into trouble with the judges for attempting to sex it up.) In the end though, Alisha pulled off the pose and just looked fierce.Sophie seems to be doing really well in this competition (this week one of the designers, Siki Im, said of her: “I believe she can be a world class model”) but I have to admit that I dislike her: she seems fake in that way that only posh British girls can be. I’m curious to know how far she got on the show, especially since she recently popped up in paparazzi photos behind Emma Watson on the set of Emma’s new movie, The Bling Ring! I’m not sure if she’s in the movie or is just part of Emma’s entourage but clearly she hasn’t packed up and gone home yet!I felt sorry for Seymone this week. Her giant wig had a total Bride of Frankenstein vibe but it was clearly incredibly uncomfortable (she said that she wanted to throw it across the parking lot). As such, she was clearly distracted during her shoot and her picture didn’t come out great, which was a shame.And here’s my picture! Kidding. But I was clearly inspired by ANTM this week as I ended up all Hello Kitt-ed out myself yesterday!

Dress: Castro Fashion
Raincoat: Hello Kitty for Forever 21
Bag: Hello Kitty x Loungefly (from Claire’s)
Umbrella: From Kiddyland in Tokyo, Japan
Wellies: Office Shoes
Beret: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

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