Snow White and The Huntsman Premiere

I’m posting this pretty late but, in May, I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman (aka SWATH), which took place in London. Not only did I find myself inches away from Chris Hemsworth (swoon) but I really enjoyed the movie too. SWATH has been kicking ass at the box office since it’s release (so far it’s grossed almost $262 million – not quite the $700 million that producer Joe Roth was hoping for but pretty good going for its three week run). Given the plethora of fairy tale movies and television shows out this year I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about a second Snow White movie in the first half of 2012, especially since Mirror Mirror really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised: SWATH was a really enjoyable two hours and stayed true to the horror of the original story whilst re-telling it for a modern audience. It was a smart post-Bella Swan role for Kristen Stewart, showcasing her talents beyond Twilight without alienating her core audience. SWATH happens to be director Rupert Sanders’ big budget feature film directorial debut and he did a lovely job, both in terms of the film’s scope and its characters: in particular, Charlize Theron is brilliantly brutal as the film’s wicked stepmother whilst the medieval setting perfectly complemented the film’s tone.The premiere itself was great fun, with London’s Leicester Square turned into a winter wonderland (unsurprisingly, Britain’s weather lent itself nicely to the theme, despite it being the middle of May). There was, of course, a dress code, which was ‘white as snow, red as blood, black as night’ and which I wholeheartedly embraced. I wore my Verace for H&M dress with Lanvin for H&M shoes, a Paul Smith jacket I picked up in a sample sale and a blood red vintage Gucci clutch to go with my red nails.I did manage to snap one close up pic of Kristen Stewart as she walked past but it was just as the security guard put out his arm – grr! Although you can’t see her head, you can see a close up of the beautiful Marchesa gown she’s wearing  (which is far more important anyway, right?). Although I’m not the biggest Twlilight fan, one thing I do appreciate about Kristen Stewart is that she has no time for Hollywood fashion nonsense: as she walked off the stage at the front of the theatre she was struggling with her high heels so she just gave an exasperated shrug and took them off. You can’t see it but in this pic she’s barefoot!

If you’ve seen the film let me know what you think!

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