Fab Collab: Kukula for Castro

A while ago I posted about Kukula, an Israeli artist who draws sad, doll-like figures with a gothic Lolita/Victoriana vibe. Recently I discovered that Israeli fashion brand Castro (AKA the Mediterranean’s answer to Topshop) had picked her for their Street Art project, a clothing collaboration in which the aim is to connect the worlds of fashion and art. 

The project actually involved a number of artists from locations as far flung as South Korea and Brazil as well as home-grown talent such as Kukula (although for the purposes of the collaboration she was actually representing the US, where she now resides). Her child-like, sexualised figures were a brave choice for a mainstream t-shirt collaboration (although obviously, in my opinion, an excellent one) but Castro fully embraced her work, explaining on their website how her “melancholy” compositions reflect the pain and fragility of the Holocaust survivors she knew while growing up.

Castro are actually one of my favourite brands (despite, sadly, not being available in the UK or the US) so I was really excited when I heard about the collaboration, which was comprised of six tops as well as accessories including a purse, mirror, card-holder and bag hook (see the pictures below).  Although released a while ago, I was thrilled to get my hands on a couple of items (above) on a recent trip to Israel. My only dilemma now is whether to wear them or frame them for my wall!

See more Kukula at www.kukulaland.com 

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