Shoe-per Heroes

Being a superhero is not easy, especially when you’re a woman. As well as the job spec (killer body, long voluminous locks, ability to kick ass whilst throwing out witty one-liners) there’s the uniform, which is usually comprised of a skin-tight catsuit and knee high boots. For those looking for something a bit more, well, super to protect your feet, fear not: there are other options available that will keep you on your toes!

The folks over at Converse have teamed up with comic book publisher DC (Batman, Wonder Woman) to at least take some of the pressure off our feet with their collaborative range of sneakers, which are currently available at Schuh. With styles including Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Batgirl you’re sure to find at least one pair to match your alter-ego. I actually caught sight of the range at Hot Topic in San Diego last year and they’re pretty awesome, especially the purple Catwoman version. Meanwhile, over in Kurt Geiger City, there’s a brand new superhero on the scene. Starheel and her band of shoe-per sidekicks (Esme, Elena, Iris, Eris and Elektra) are on a mission to “place a power yielding shoe on the foot of ever woman”. From her outfit it looks like Starheel is chanelling a bit of She-Ra (long blonde mane), Supergirl (red cape) and Power Girl (Superman’s cousin, who wears a high-necked leotard with a cutout across the chest). Each of her shoes has its own superpower, ranging from “inhuman leg lengthening abilities” to “shooting studs” and, as with all good superheroe costumes, they will transform your outfit from everywoman to Wonder Woman faster than Selina Kyle can crack her whip.

Whether you’re after comfy sneakers or powerful platforms, crime-fighting has never looked this good!


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