Toy Story: San Diego Comic Con Swag

Sadly I didn’t make it to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year but, thanks to the power of technology, I was there in spirit (aka directing the boyfriend via Twitter to the My Little Pony booth every time they had a poster giveaway). Actually, wi-fi/3G signal is terrible at the Con and even though Twitter is the best way to find out about different events, most of the time you’re too busy running between panels and booths to keep up with it. Which meant that our system actually worked quite well: whilst he traversed the Con floor I was sitting on a beach in the Middle East sipping an iced coffee and keeping track of what was happening online (free wi-fi at the beach = pinnacle of progress, by the way). So whenever I saw someone Tweeting about a signing or giveaway (often involving My Little Pony) I would alert him to it. And it paid off because he turned up at that My Little Pony booth so many times (alas, each time arriving too later to nab me a free poster) that in the end they took pity on him and gave him a Derpy Pony keyring. Score! As well as the keyring he brought me back a few other SDCC exclusives (below), as well as a few for himself, naturally…

Derpy Pony keyring, Mez-Itz Catwoman keyring (to join last year’s Wonder Woman one) and He Man Power Sword letter opener, gifted by the power of Greyskull.Tokidoki Cactus Rocker (with amp-shaped window box) and Tokidoki-branded SharpieIf you’ve ever fancied a rub with Tony Stark, this Marvel eraser set is for youDomo!!! What would SDCC be without the bizarre rectangle-shaped monster? Above is a black-light blue Domo Qee and matching bagMattel statue of Neil Gaiman’s character DeathBruce Campbell (of Evil Dead fame) statue with promotional Frankenweenie bagFunko Batman statueAcme Archives Brave printThe box for a Mattel Hot Wheels diorama featuring Mater from Cars 2 in a Japanese toilet. Sounds mad? Check out the video below to see what’s inside…

All in all, a pretty good haul given I wasn’t even there! Can you guess which items were for me though? 😉 PS Check out  last year’s haul

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