The Sweetest Thing: Charbonnel et Walker Blogger Event

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend Charbonnel et Walker’s inaugural blogger event at the chocolatier’s Old Bond Street store.

Ever since I was introduced to Charbonnel a few years ago via a Marc de Champagne dark chocolate bar (75g of pure heaven) it has been my go-to brand for gifts, particularly when buying for esteemed elders (e.g. boyfriend’s parent). It was therefore a delightful change to be on the receiving end of some Charbonnel chocolate for once!We were welcomed into the store with glasses of champagne and milk and dark chocolate truffles, which were consumed whilst browsing the ranges on display, including a brand new Jamaican chocolate range (in fetching leaf-print boxes) and a fantastically sparkly Diamond Jubilee commemorative box. As I learnt during the evening, Charbonnel’s links with the Royal Family date back to its inception in 1875 when Mme Charbonnel and Mrs Walker partnered up to open a Parisian-style chocolate house, encouraged by King Edward VII (although rumours abound that Edward was more interested in Mme Charbonnel than the chocolates). To this day, Charbonnel et Walker continue to hold a Royal Warrant as chocolate suppliers to Her Majesty The Queen.In honour of the evening Charbonnel had the witty idea of partnering with food bloggers Kate Makes Cakes and Bees Loves Teas to produce some mouth-watering treats made with Charbonnel chocolate. Most people wouldn’t think to bake with Charbonnel chocolate (mainly because once you’ve opened a bar there is little chance it’ll last long enough to make it into the oven) but after sampling one of Bees Loves Teas’ peanut butter and Charbonnel chocolate cookies and nibbling a slice of Kate Makes Cakes’ white chocolate and strawberry cake with Charbonnel strawberry truffles, I can confirm it is the ideal ingredient. And it also works exceedingly well as a garnish: the cupcakes were decadently decorated with grated Charbonnel truffles.

Fruity cocktails in jam jars, a goody bag and whispers of the Charbonnel Halloween range were the perfect end to a scrumptious evening!

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Charbonnel et Walker are at One, The Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4BT. Also available at Selfridges. Follow @Charbonnel for the latest chocolate updates!

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3 thoughts on “The Sweetest Thing: Charbonnel et Walker Blogger Event

  1. Great review! It was lovely to meet you 🙂

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