Manicure Monday: Easy Nail Art Newspaper Nails

I love nail polish and especially nail art but get disheartened by my unsteady hands and the speed with which the polish chips (how is it we can send man to the moon but can’t invent a nail polish that doesn’t chip?!) Recently, however, I decided to get back into DIY manicures, inspired mainly by Grazia’s Manicure Monday challenge figuring that if it’s at least captured on camera I won’t feel too bad when it chips.

The problem, however, was finding something fun but easy (and cheap!) to do. And my favourite thing about this manicure is that it’s equally easy to do on both hands!

What You’ll Need

A white polish

A clear polish (basecoat/topcoat)


A pair of scissors

A newspaper article

I used Barry M matt white (NP66) and Barry M all in one clear basecoat, topcoat and hardener (NP54), Davidoff Cool Water eau de toilette as I didn’t have alcohol (but did have a very understanding boyfriend) and a Daily Mail article on Lindsay Lohan, which Twitter user  @Sarah_Robbo brilliantly summed up as “classy nails with trashy type”. (Naturally I would have preferred to use Grazia but newspaper ink transfers better than magazine ink).Method

The first step is to coat your nails in the basecoat, let them dry and then paint on two layers of white. Let each layer dry properly before applying the next one otherwise it will take ages and your nails need to be fully dry before applying the newspaper print. Ideally, paint them the night before. I learnt this lesson the hard way and it took three re-applications of white polish before I managed to apply the newspaper print without messing it up.

Next, cut up the article into little squares, each slightly larger than the fingernail you’re going to apply it to. Spray the square with alcohol/eau de toilette until it looks wet (but not so wet that the ink is running) and press it onto the nail. It actually doesn’t need to be pressed on too hard (otherwise it sticks to the nail and is difficult to peel off) but make sure you press it across the whole nail, especially the sides. Carefully peel it off, allow a second for it to dry and then apply a topcoat. Do the same for each nail and voila! It really is that easy.

The final step was, of course, to tweet the picture to Grazia and I was thrilled when they included it in their Manicure Monday round up! If you’re inspired to try this manicure this do tweet me a pic – I would love to see the results!


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