Manicure Monday: Marble Nail Art

This week I decided to try marble nail art. Ironically, it wasn’t as easy as the newspaper print emails (although it looks like it should be) and I had to repeat the process a number of times on some nails to work out which nail polishes and colours worked best and to get a good swirly pattern. This technique also requires superhuman patience (of which I have none) and so a number of times I had to start again after smudging it (so annoying!). However, once you get the hang of it it’s good fun to see how it turns out on each nail and looks awesome when you’ve done them all! Also, this manicure adheres to my rule that both hands should be equally easy to do.

What You’ll Need

Two (or three) different coloured nail polishes

A clear polish (basecoat/topcoat)

A pair of scissors


Little bowl/cup

Toothpicks/cotton buds

Nail polish drying spray/hairdryer


Step 1: First off paint on a basecoat, let it dry then tape up all your nails on one hand using two pieces of tape for each (across the finger underneath the nail and on top of the finger like a little hat). Then fill your bowl with water at room temperature (the smaller the bowl is the less polish you’ll waste).Step 2: Drop a tiny amount of nail polish into the water and let it spread out, then drop the second colour into the middle. If it doesn’t spread well tap the bowl gently on the side. Keep alternating the drops of nail polish until you have a few rings. The more contrasting the colours the better it’ll look. Then take a toothpick (I used a cotton bud) and starting from the outer ring gently pull it in to create a petal shape. Do this a few times. Make sure to move through these steps fairly swiftly as the nail polish dries quickly.Step 3: Dip your nail into the pattern, pushing it below the surface of the water (but careful not to touch the bottom of the bowl as it will smudge the polish) and leave it there for a few seconds. Blow on the remaining nail polish on the surface of the water and then, once it has dried a bit take the toothpick and gather it up by swirling it around. It is now safe to withdraw your nail from the water.Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each nail and then LET THEM DRY. If, like me, you’re impatient use the quick drying spray and/or hairdryer to spead up the process. Then paint on a topcoat and once it has dried, carefully peel off the tape and admire the swirly patterns!


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