Manicure Monday: Pirate Nail Art for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It’s Monday again, which means it’s manicure time. This week I decided to go for a pirate theme, in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday. This was my first time doing some proper freehand nail art (on the ring finger of each hand) so I decided to keep the rest of the nails simple. I picked up some silver Andrea Fullerton nail stickers from Superdrug a while ago and this was a perfect opportunity to use them (even though it feels a bit like cheating!)

What You’ll Need

A clear polish (basecoat/topcoat)

Black, white, red and nude nailpolish

A black nail art pen

Cotton buds

Andrea Fulerton nail stickers

After painting on a basecoat, paint all your nails (apart from the ringfingers) black and paint the ringfingers nude. Once the black nails are dry carefully stick on a skull sticker and paint on a topcoat.

Once the ringfingers have dried properly, cut a rectangular piece of tape and stick it on the lower half of your nail. Paint the remaining half red (like an extra thick french manicure) and wait for it to dry. To paint on the polkadots dab some white nailpolish onto a piece of scrap paper and, using the cotton buds, dab it into the white polish and then use it to create the polkadots on the red half of your nail, making sure to first dab off any excess nailpolish. It’s helpful if you practise on the scrap paper before attempting to do it on your nail. Also, I use extra slim cotton buds from Muji, which tend to work better. Finally, once you’ve finished on the red part of your nail, dab one white polkadot onto the nude part of the nail to create an eyeball.

Now take the black nail art pen (mine is from Sally Hansen) and draw a line across the corner of the nude part of the nail. Once it’s dried, make a little circle in the middle of it for the eyepatch. Then use the nail art pen to make a black dot in the middle of the eyeball for the pupil. Finally, draw on a little mouth. Once you’ve made sure it’s all dry, paint on your topcoat and you’ll have perfect pirate nails!

Y’see, me beauties, there’s no need to shiver your timbers now that there be some real pirate booty on yer fingers just in time for Wednesday, arrrrrr!

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