Fashionista Zombie: World Zombie Day Style Guide

The second Saturday of October is World Zombie Day and events are taking place across the globe to celebrate. While most zombies may be happy to wear rags, a Fashionista Zombie would never be seen, er, dead in such attire. So I’ve thrown together a few of my favourite zombie pieces for you to feast your eyes on. But if you can’t get your hands on these items in time, don’t fret: as every fashionista zombie knows, brains are more important than looks. Taste better too.

Hell Bunny Zombie Unicorn Dress: These fillies eat My Little Ponies for breakfast

Sibling London Social Zombie Scarf: Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest rotted your brain? Yup, you’re a Social Zombie.

Hot Topic Zombie Girl Necklace: Because Barbie Girl is a Plastic

Iron Fist Zombie Shoes: Will make your feet look good enough to eat.

If you’d rather stay home for World Zombie Day, spend the day in your pyjamas pigging out on Brain Flakes and listening to Zombie by Taylor Momsen.

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3 thoughts on “Fashionista Zombie: World Zombie Day Style Guide

  1. Great advice and pictures.

    Don’t forget that wearing old clothes smeered with the entrails of the dead is great way to pass through a crowd of the undead. Just practice your zombie shamble for perfect camoflauge.


  2. Love the zombie shoes! lol, what a find 😉

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